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Our mini kegs how to

With summer just around the corner, our mini kegs are bound to be hugely popular again. Serving just under nine pints they’re perfect or any kind of gathering and are really easy to set up and use, once you know how.

Here’s our step by step guide so once you’ve received your keg you can just get on with enjoying what’s inside.

  1. Draw the spout (the bit where the delicious beer comes out) outwards, until the original seal tears
  2. Grasp the spout from below and pull it outwards again, this time until the joint protrudes fully from the barrel
  3. Tilt the spout downwards to pour. And, when you’ve poured the perfect pint you can stop pouring by returning the spout to its initial position
  4. If the beer stops flowing despite the tap being open you can vent the barrel. Luckily, the mini kegs have a resealable flip top lid, so to release pressure you just need to flip the top and then put the lid back down again, easy peasy.

Practice makes perfect so the more of our kegs you order, the better you’ll get at opening and enjoying them (!)

For further guidance, we have this handy download with illustrations to make it even easier to follow.

For those still undecided about whether to order a keg of our craft ale, here are some more reasons to buy them. They survive well in the mail for a start as the beer is kept fresh due to the fact the kegs are filled under pressure and therefore still contain carbonation.

Kegs are also the perfect accompaniment to a BBQ, not only because our delicious beer Β is inside but also because you only need to recycle one container afterwards. Perfect.