Our mini kegs how to

Our mini kegs are hugely popular. Serving just under nine pints they’re perfect for any kind of gathering. They are easy to set up and use, once you know how.

Here’s our step-by-step guide so once you’ve received your keg you can get on with enjoying what’s inside.

  1. Draw the spout (the bit where the delicious beer comes out) outwards, until the original seal tears
  2. Grasp the spout from below and pull it outwards again. This time until the joint protrudes fully from the barrel
  3. Tilt the spout downwards to pour. And, when you’ve poured the perfect pint you can stop pouring by returning the spout to its initial position
  4. If the beer stops flowing despite the tap being open you can vent the barrel. Luckily, the mini kegs have a resealable flip-top lid. To release pressure you just need to flip the top and then put the lid back down again, easy peasy.

Practice makes perfect so the more of our kegs you order, the better you’ll get at opening and enjoying them (!)

For further guidance, we have this handy download with illustrations to make it even easier to follow.

Why choose our mini kegs?

For those who find themselves on the fence about whether to indulge in the experience of ordering a keg of our exquisite craft ale, allow us to present compelling reasons that might just tip the scales in favour of this delightful decision.

One noteworthy advantage lies in the impeccable preservation of our craft ale during transit. Thanks to the meticulous process of filling the kegs under pressure, our beer not only maintains its unparalleled freshness but also retains the crucial element of carbonation. This ensures that every sip delivers the perfect effervescence, creating a drinking experience that is nothing short of exceptional.

So, when you contemplate the prospect of having a keg of our craft ale delivered to your doorstep, rest assured that the journey from our brewery to your glass is not just a convenient transaction but a guarantee of an indulgent and pristine beer-drinking experience. Cheers to the perfect blend of convenience and quality!

Mini kegs serve as the ideal complement to any BBQ gathering, enhancing the experience not just with our delectable beer but also by simplifying the post-celebration cleanup. With our premium beer enclosed, the keg ensures a delightful and refreshing beverage for all. Moreover, the convenience of dealing with only one recyclable container afterwards adds an extra layer of perfection to your outdoor festivities. Cheers to a hassle-free and enjoyable BBQ experience!

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