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Nestled in the

We are a proudly independent craft brewery based in the beautiful Warwickshire Countryside, in the shadow of one of the county’s most striking landmarks.

Born out of a desire to create unique beers that both uphold traditional values and utilise our expert scientific knowledge, Windmill Hill Brewing Company is now gaining recognition, both locally and beyond.

We’re a small but passionately dedicated team. We love the brewing process and we’re obsessive in our mission to find the perfect blend of ingredients that make our beers taste so good.

Windmill Hill bottle conditioned beer
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As fiercely independent brewers we’re proud to be members of The Society Of Independent Brewers (SIBA)

The freedom of independence – we’re a proud member of The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) – meaning we can experiment with our processes and our flavours to deliver artisan ales that you just won’t get anywhere else.

We have a range of four core beers and regularly introduce seasonal offerings to keep you on your toes. If you like something and it does well, we keep it. Having the autonomy that allows you to help define our range is part of what we love about our company.

We’re multi-award winning and in 2020 we were delighted to be recognised with an accolade from SIBA for our pale ale.

  • Gavin Leach - Director & head brewer

    “I have a background and degree in biological sciences and have previously worked for world-leading pharmaceutical manufacturers. I wanted to work for myself creating a product that was unique, and that I could be really passionate about. I have a love for craft beer and home brewing so decided to jump into brewing full time! I want to make exciting beers for myself and others to enjoy. The best thing about brewing is the experimentation, trying something that may never have been thought of or made before. Each experiment is different with unlimited parameters to change. Finding that perfect brew can be difficult – but the results are always rewarding!”

  • Robert Singleton - Director

    “I’m a big foodie and always have been. Making beers and ales that pair perfectly with my favourite dishes is a great passion of mine. The complexity and subtleties in our creations mean they complement a wide variety in flavours and it’s very rewarding when you find a perfect match. It’s also important to make beers that can stand alone and when we get the brew just right I want everyone to try it.”

Our Brewing Process

At Windmill Hill Brewing Company our mission is simple. We want to make beers that evoke the same excitement and passion when being enjoyed as we put into making them. When it comes to our brewing process, we like to keep things straightforward and simple. Good quality, natural ingredients but with a pinch of science to create something new. The entre brewing process is done by us in-house from the grain store to the bottle packaging and we like it that way as we know we’re putting the very best into every stage. Here, you can see how we do what we do.

Brewing process diagram

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