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About us

we are an award-winning craft brewery

We are a proudly independent craft brewery based in the beautiful Warwickshire Countryside, in the shadow of one of the county’s most striking landmarks.

Born out of a desire to create unique beers that both uphold traditional values and utilise our expert scientific knowledge, Windmill Hill Brewing Company is now gaining recognition, both locally and beyond.

We’re a small but passionately dedicated team. We love the brewing process and we’re obsessive in our mission to find the perfect blend of ingredients that make our beers taste so good.

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As fiercely independent brewers we’re proud to be members of The Society Of Independent Brewers (SIBA)

Just the most delicious beers. We love that they’re brewed locally too, the pride of Warwickshire.
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Here’s what’s keeping us busy at windmill hill brewing company

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